Foster the children’s exploration, play and inquiry

Our Goals:

  • Invite children to explore their learning environment and make positive connections
  • Build curriculum based on the interests shown by the children from the previous week to ensure its child-led and focuses on building upon their curiosity
  • Learning environment to consist of developmentally appropriate play-based learning materials

Our Methods:

  • Staff to plan most of their curriculum for the next week, but will allow for spontaneous activities to happen as the week progresses
  • Curriculum to include sensory activities and resources for child-initiative play based learning such as reclaimed materials, art materials, etc
  • Staff to enhance their indoor and outdoor environment with age appropriate activities that encourage manipulation, construction and creative expression
  • Staff to allow children to explore freely when engaged in an activity
  • Staff to ask open-ended questions to children to try and understand their thought processes, instead of imposing our ideas onto them
  • Staff to provide a planned provocation weekly to foster children’s inquiry and exploration
  • Children to be encouraged to explore all areas of their environment, allowing play materials to be used in an appropriate manner